Why I Still Make House Calls

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My colleagues gasp when I announce proudly that I enjoy making house calls.  But it’s true.  When I started out, it was a necessary way to building my business.  But at this point, I keep making house calls for other reasons.

  • Clients feel more comfortable at home. Especially older folks and those with physical problems that make traveling difficult.  For others, talking with a lawyer is nerve wracking, and seen more as a necessary evil when they need to get their affairs in order.  The more comfortable that a client feels, the better information I can gather to put together a plan to suit their needs.
  • I enjoy getting out of the office. My days are spent agonizing over words in between a flurry of office appointments, phone calls, and emails.  I welcome the change of scenery, and the occasional adventure.  Seeing homes, visiting farms, hearing stories, and meeting grandkids (and pets) provides a window into my clients’ lives that I can’t duplicate in the office.

So if meeting meeting at your place instead of downtown makes the difference between leaving your affairs to chance versus putting a plan in place, just let me know.  My office is cozy, but I’m happy to make a house call.

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